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Mini Raw Honey Liquid Soap

Mini Raw Honey Liquid Soap

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With the delicious look and scent of raw honey, it's hard to believe this soap isn't really honey. Within each adorable mini, glass jar is a beautiful golden honey-colored and honey-scented natural, liquid castile soap. Decorating each jar is a string of twine with a golden honeybee charm. Also included is a mini wooden honey dipper to dip into your honey soap and aid in drizzling this gorgeous honey soap right onto your hands. Once you finish using up all of your honey soap, you can feel free to reuse the jar and the charm however you'd like.

Each order includes 1, 1.5 fl oz mini glass jar of liquid honey soap, 1 honeybee charm, and 1 mini honey dipper.

This product is NOT edible and is intended to be used as hand soap only.

Colors may vary slightly between batches.

Ingredients: Pure Castile Soap, Liquid Soap Dye, Natural Mica Powders, and Fragrance Oils.
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